Navigating the murky waters of the Mid-PhD Slump

The mid-PhD slump. That is where I’m at. 1,329 days ago I started this part-time PhD; on paper it’s been 3,800 hours – and I still have approximately 3,400 to go….sigh…..The slump itself is eloquently described in this post by Sophie Arthur I read a recently. There’s probably a number of potential reasons for my particular slump. Other … Continue reading Navigating the murky waters of the Mid-PhD Slump

In defense of being part-time

  Today I’ve made a resolution. I will no longer use the word:when telling people about my Phd…. “oh I’m only part-time”….It’s a subtle word, but has a lot of connotations behind it; that part-time is somehow lesser or not as good as full-time (it’s not) , that it’s not a big deal (it is) … Continue reading In defense of being part-time

The #3MinutePaper Challenge

So I have this problem. I started a blog to write about science, but at this point, I haven’t actually written much about science. For starters there is so much to read and write about that I’m not sure where to start, and secondly, I wonder who am I really aiming this blog at? Obviously … Continue reading The #3MinutePaper Challenge

Piecing together the literature

So how did you spend New Years? Fireworks? Drinks? Friends and Family? Yeah me too..... until the 9pm fireworks; but soon after the kids were in bed, followed by a tired husband..... So I feel pretty safe in the assumption that I am the only person in the world who stayed up to midnight to see the close of one … Continue reading Piecing together the literature

The best kind of mentor

At the recent Australian Music & Psychology Society Conference  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down with Professor Peter Keller of the The MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development, Western Sydney University for an informal research mentoring session.  The conference organizers had called for students wanting a mentoring session to register their interest, and then … Continue reading The best kind of mentor

When’s the last time you did something for the first time?

I'm not talking about deciding the learn a new language or a musical instrument or enrolling in an adult swim class - just something mundane, an everyday action for the very first time... .... and using the ♥ on twitter for the first time doesn't count To my embarrassment, today was the first time in my … Continue reading When’s the last time you did something for the first time?

What have I got to lose?

It's funny, my PhD is looking at what is going on in the brain when people are imagining music. To do that I've had to design a task that gets people to imagine something (ie certain tones or rhythms) and then tests they have imagined correctly. It is voluntary musical imagery, because participants are willfully … Continue reading What have I got to lose?