In defense of being part-time

  Today I’ve made a resolution. I will no longer use the word:when telling people about my Phd…. “oh I’m only part-time”….It’s a subtle word, but has a lot of connotations behind it; that part-time is somehow lesser or not as good as full-time (it’s not) , that it’s not a big deal (it is) … Continue reading In defense of being part-time

Distinction of kindness

"We are all smart - distinguish yourself by being kind" Anne Galloway In between my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees I worked in the finance industry for 8 years. But a passionate curiosity for maths, music and the brain lured me back (after all, life is too short to spend your days doing something you don't find … Continue reading Distinction of kindness

What have I got to lose?

It's funny, my PhD is looking at what is going on in the brain when people are imagining music. To do that I've had to design a task that gets people to imagine something (ie certain tones or rhythms) and then tests they have imagined correctly. It is voluntary musical imagery, because participants are willfully … Continue reading What have I got to lose?