Sharing my research with the world

Today I’m writing from grey and wet London (where this summer’s day is strangely like the grey and wet Sydney I left 48 hours ago). I’ve learnt a lot in the last few days about both travelling and Londoner’s (eg. Although they drive on the left hand side of the road, when walking on footpaths, … Continue reading Sharing my research with the world

Opportunity in overalls (or a labcoat)

Have you ever had an opportunity come up, where you thought “hmm, that would be great, but I could never do that”? An opportunity that makes you feel both delight and dread; passion and panic? That’s how I felt when I first saw this. Who were these confident women and how could I possibly … Continue reading Opportunity in overalls (or a labcoat)

Musical Imagery can save lives

So now that I have Wonderwall playing in your head, think about the effortless way in which you just brought that song to mind from memory. How accurately do you think you were imaging the tempo? Kelly Jakubowski and colleagues from Music Mind & Brain at Goldsmiths University London have used familiar pop songs like this … Continue reading Musical Imagery can save lives

Discovering the Difference of the Downbeat

Your brain is a little like a radio station. Whilst we can’t tune into precise your thoughts, or the specific songs in your head, one recent finding from Takako Fujioka and colleagues  is taking us one step closer with a greater understanding of how the brain is keeping the beat in music. Magnetoencephalography is one … Continue reading Discovering the Difference of the Downbeat